Chronic population decrease in Japan has caused stagnant progress of customer development for Japanese food industries. Due to this, many companies are looking for ways to develop new customers overseas.

Overseas, especially in metropolitan areas such as New York, Japanese food is being established as a healthy alternative rather than a passing trend. The potential for Japanese food is no longer solely for the restaurant business, but also for domestic use in American kitchens. However, a little variety of food and beverages from Japan exists in New York supermarkets, although Japan has a vast variety of ingredients and dishes.

There are many impediments when new foods and beverages are introduced overseas, such as cultural and taste differences, distribution, and local laws and regulations. Utilizing our reliable experience, passion for Japanese cuisine, and vast networks in New York, La Fuente Services can help overcome these obstacles, and smoothly integrate new foods onto American plates.

Consulting/Marketing/ Observation Tour and Meeting with potential buyers

After understanding a company's international strategies and identifying appropriate markets, we provide an extensive consulting service for overseas business development. We profile consumers and business trends, as well research competitive markets. We also coordinate observation tours of local restaurants and businesses, and arrange and accompany meetings with potential buyers.

Merchandize and Packaging Development

Selling merchandize in original Japanese packaging can be difficult in to sell to the American markey. At La Fuente Services, we know what attracts American consumers and can guide adjustments as well as suggestions to acheive the maximum sales potential of all products.

Event Planning/ Promotions/ Newsletters

When selling merchandize overseas, road shows or in-store promotional events are essential. La Fuente Services can organize everything from finding venues, coordinating food demonstrations, to press relations, ensuring that you product will be noticed.

Promotion and Sales

We can work as your American representative and liaison for overseas sales and customer development efforts. Websites and flyers are essential for the promotion and we can create effective tools for the American market. Addition to this, we publish periodical E-newsletters to promote merchandize and distribute them to our extensive mailing list.

The Ministry of Agriculture,
Forestry and Fisheries

This Japanese Food Fair was held at Tops on the Water front, a local supermarket located in Brooklyn, NY. Fifteen food products including Miso, Soy Sauce, Wasabi, Tsukudani and green tea, were sold at this event. This was the first food event in the New York City area that targeted Americans in a retail store, urging them to cook with Japanese products at home.


Authorized Project of “THE JAPAN BRAND” by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency of Japan. New products from Matsue Sweet Association were presented as “NEW WAGASHI” for the New York and United States market. The preview of NEW WAGASHI was held in GEISYA RESTAURANT, a popular modern Japanese restaurant in NYC. Over 150 guests gathered at the event including well-known chefs, media, and food buyers. NEW WAGASHI were sold on Dean and Deluca's catalog and website and to the café and the restaurants.


Provide consulting for Japanese companies aiming to export their merchandize to the United States, and Japanese companies exhibiting at Japan Pavilion in International Restaurant & Foodservice Show New York.


Set up promotional demos for Tsukudani products at the Japan Pavilion in International Restaurant Foodservice Show New York to facilitate customer development in the U.S. market. Chef Johan Svensson of 3 star restaurant Aquavit, demonstrated Scandinavian Japanese fusion using Tsukudani products. Monthly promotional newsletters have been sending to numerous industries, medias and distributors.

JETRO New York /
Sample Presentation

Japanese food industries from various areas of Japan aiming to market their merchandize in the U.S. participated in the presentation. La Fuente Services invited prominent American chefs and distributors, as well organized presentations for the participating companies. La Fuente Services also provided consulting for merchandising in the American marketing.

Washugyu (Yamaya USA)

Organized the event to promote Yamaya USA’s marketing in Chicago at restaurant Takashi (owned by Takashi Yagihashi: recipient of Best Chef Awards by James Beard Foundation). The food prepared by Chef Takashi Yagihashi was presented to well known chefs in the Chicago area. Prestigious restaurants such as Charlie Trotters have now included the washugyu product on their menus.

JA Zennoh

Organized the promotional presentation for JA Zennoh for the introduction of their products, Japanese rice and Wagyu beef, to the US market at Japan Pavilion in International Restaurant Foodservice Show New York. The demonstration using Japanese rice and beef was performed by well known chef Craig Koketsu of Quality Meats and Park Avenue.

Soy Sauce

Organized a cooking contest at the event: “Magical Power of Soy Sauce”. Chef Scott Ubert presented original dishes using Soy Sauce in untraditional ways, suggesting new marketing possibilities in the U.S. The event was covered by NHK, Fuji Television and TV Asahi.

Food and Beverage of Tottori

Produced the event “Food Central Tottori, in New York” co-presented by Tottori prefecture and Japanese Consulate General in New York at Consulate's official residence. The event included a competition style demonstration (two chefs cook using the same ingredient) was performed by prestigious chefs of Tottori and Craig Hopson of Le Cirque in New York. About 150 people from restaurants, distributors and buyers from retail stores were invited to the event.

Sanuki Udon

Hand-made udon demonstration and sampling was presented at Kai Japanese Restaurant.

Taste of the summer

Set up a booth at the event “Taste of the summer” held in one of the most prestigious houses for performing arts, Lincoln Center’s. This was the first Japanese booth in the event's history. The booth presented Japanese sake, wine and a cooking demonstration. At the cooking booth, executive chef of Waldorf Astoria Hotel’s Main Dining, Cedric Tovar, demonstrated dishes utilizing Japanese ingredients Washugyu, Mentaiko, Tsukudani and Super Frozen Tuna.

Tea (Suntory)

Provided consulting for the marketing of Suntory’s soft drink Iemon’s for the American market.