La Fuente Services has been in the restaurant industry for an extensive amount of time and has been building relationships with chefs, restaurant owners and medias in New York.

Utilizing this background, La Fuente services provides observation tours and event planning to introduce current trends in the food business, as well providing service for menu development with the collaboration of top chefs. Such services can aid in the opening of a restaurant in Japan or in the U.S.

Recently there are many Japanese restaurants opening in New York. La Fuente Services can provide services to eliminate difficulties of opening a restaurant such as legal works or selection of a contractor. As well cover aspects such as menu creation and PR.

Seminar and Observation Tour

Coordinate observation tour inside restaurants or discussion sessions with restaurant owners, chefs and sommeliers in New York. Food Journalist Shigeko Fuke will elucidate the menus and business structures, this is an information service that can not be provided by simple visits of stores.

Menu Development

New menu creates with the collaboration of top chefs. Coordinate cooking technique exchanges or discussion sessions between Japanese and American chefs.

Events and Promotions

Working with chefs from New York’s first class restaurants, we coordinate food events, competitions, talk shows, as an essential promotion tool.

Consulting for Opening a Venue

Support service for opening restaurants in the U.S. from Japan. This includes and is not limited to venue hunting, incorporation, visas, employments, and recommendation of contractors, legal works, and recommendation of distributors. We also coordinate summoning of American restaurants to Japan or collaborations.

Taste from New York (Tokyo)

Presented by My City Shinjuku. Executive Chef, Gabriel Kreuther of French restaurant The Modern (located at the MOMA) introduced New York style hors d'uvre to 150 guests at the grand opening for a newly renovated floor. Tickets were also available to the general public, and sold out within the first day.

Tokyu Stay
Passage Aoyama Event (Tokyo)

Planning and coordination for the opening dinner event of Passage Aoyama (operated by Tokyu Relocations) New York’s top chef Alex Urena of Pamplona introduced modern Spanish cuisine to 80 invitees.